Naming A Personal Representative

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Naming A Personal Representative In Florida

Naming your personal representative is a really important decision because they’re going to be the ones who stand in your shoes and take over as you. So think about some of the characteristics of a really great person that you know that is effective, a leader, good at working with other people, and are goal-oriented. That’s the kind of person that you want.

They also should be decent with technology as well because they may have to monitor your emails and online accounts, in addition to your regular mail, so pick someone that’s organized and technologically capable. Next, you want to make sure that they’re legally capable.

When you name that person they cannot have ever been convicted of a felony, they have to be mentally and physically capable, and they have to be over the age of 18. Finally, just consider the practicality and logistics of everything. Where are they located? Ideally, they’re local and can visit properties, professionals and beneficiaries, so naming someone across the country might not work well.

If you’re naming a family member, make sure that they’re not going to have conflicts or rifts and that the’re diplomatic with other members of the family. Last, you can choose whether to name one person or multiple personal representatives to act on your behalf.

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