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A will, also known as a Last Will and Testament, is a wonderful document. Although it is one of the most basic aspects of an estate plan, it allows you to decide the rules of the ballgame for when you pass away. It serves to designate your wishes for the handling of your estate and distribution of your assets upon your death. Additionally, it can be used to appoint guardians for minor children. Without a will, one is said to die intestate, and an individual’s assets are then distributed according to state laws. Without a will naming guardians for your minor children, other people and a randomly assigned Judge will make your decisions for you. If you were alive, you might not have approved of the outcome. Learn more about Estate Planning in Miami

Let’s be even more specific. In creating your will, you want to make sure that you name the people that are best going to stand in your shoes and act as if they were the most responsible version of you. Those agents are known as your personal representatives and you always want to name a primary agent and at least one backup. You also want to name the ideal Guardians for any minor children that you have. You will also list whatever assets that you have that you want to be distributed through your will, including any personal property and you’ll name which beneficiaries should receive those assets. Beneficiaries could be people in your family, friends or it could be a charity. You’ll also want to say how those gifts are to be distributed and when. For this reason, a will is the cornerstone of creating a thorough estate plan.

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