Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool: Miami's Mediterranean Oasis With A Rich History

The Venetian Pool is a stunning paradise with Mediterranean-style architecture that has a crucial part in Miami’s past. The dancing palm trees, spectacular coral rock formations, eye-catching waterfalls, and fascinating caves can all be found in this breathtaking location.

This tourist destination started as a rock quarry and was developed in 1924. The pool’s water supply comes from water wells during summer and can store up to 820,000 gallons of groundwater from an underground aquifer. It’s an ideal location for swimming and de-stressing.

How The Venetian Pool Came About

George Merrick, a famed real estate entrepreneur, designed and constructed Coral Gables. He was influenced by Mediterranean architectural design, with tall trees encircling a picturesque community with a relaxing vibe. Based on his master plan, the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables FL was intended as a hangout for locals to relax and socialize.

They built the Venetian Pool on a location that used to be a quarry site, but Merrick turned it into a pool and a casino in 1924. Together with Architect Phineas and Denman Fink, the artist and designer, they turned the industrial estate into a four-acre attractive park for the general public. It became a favorite getaway for celebrities and VIPs.

Visitors may learn about its past by perusing the collection of images hung near the entrance. The Venetian Pool is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, rendering it the only swimming pool in the country to earn such a prestigious and legendary reputation.

A Quick Look At The Venetian Pool

The four to eight feet Venetian Pool in Coral Gables FL has a cave, two stunning waterfalls, and a picturesque island. Some parts of the  Coral Gables area may be seen from two 3-story viewing towers connected by platforms accented with barrel tile and porticos roofs.

The sandy island is covered in palm trees, and a bridge connects the pool edges covered in limestone with a Venetian aesthetic. Bougainvillea, Royal Poinciana, and coconut trees surround the Venetian Pool. The lights, as well as the terrazzo tiles, add to the beautiful Venetian ambiance.

How To Get To The Venetian Pool

By Car

The quickest method to get to the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables FL is by car. Parking space is usually a problem, but you may park your vehicle at the nearby De Soto Plaza.  The aquatic facility is seen from this street.

Through Public Transport

Going to Venetian Pool is quite challenging. You must walk 5 minutes to get to Coral Way, the nearest station to Coral Way Limited, or the 24 bus. Travel time takes about 50 minutes without traffic.

What To Expect From This Coral Gables FL Attraction

Swimming in Venetian Pool’s aquamarine-colored, crystal-clear waters is a wise bonus for those traveling to Coral Gables FL. Tourists look forward to the fantastic beaches in this state, but this aquatic attraction is often included in their bucket lists. It’s worth bringing your swimwear to Venetian Pool, the largest freshwater pool in the US.

This small yet remarkable Mediterranean paradise is composed of the same materials as tropical beaches, but it’s a swimming pool. The pool has a spa-like ambiance, and the water is pure and natural. Suppose you’re planning a trip to Florida and want to relax by the pool, Coral Gables FL is the place to go.


Going to Venetian Pool in Coral Gables FL is similar to discovering a secret Mediterranean sanctuary. It is worth a dip into this pool during summer, even though it frequently sells out by the early afternoon.

Balconies encircle the pool’s crystal-clear waters, Venetian-inspired structures with real terra cotta roofs and native plants. Two waterfalls and grottos further add to its dreamy aura and attract visitors who want to discover every inch of it.

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Driving Directions From The Venetian Pool To Village Of Merrick Park

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