Tahiti: An Exclusive Island Haven With Waterfront Living And Luxurious Estates

Tahiti neighborhood is surrounded by water on one side and trees on another. With its gated community and secluded location, it is an exclusive island for its residents.

The neighborhood would also access Biscayne Bay to Coral Gables FL, linking the “old” and “new” sections. Merrick, Coral Gables FL’s founder, proudly referred to the “new” section as the “newest stretch of Millionaire’s Row.” Tahiti would also access Biscayne Bay from the water surrounding its neighborhood.

Not only does Tahiti offer its residents access to the pristine sand of Tahiti Beach, but also to exclusive amenities and one-of-a-kind estates for visitors to rent. This allows you to truly experience the Tahiti lifestyle.

Private Use Of Exclusive Amenities

Due to the peace and seclusion it offers while being close to the luxuries of Coral Gables FL, the Tahiti neighborhood is home to many high-end amenities. Tahiti can be considered a private neighborhood with a view of Biscayne Bay from the interior. All luxuries of the neighborhood, including round-the-clock security, and a yacht clubhouse are open to Tahiti homeowners.

Additionally, the neighborhood has access to three huge courts where the family together with their children can play sports. They also have access to private gyms, play areas, and others. This small neighborhood is conducive to physical activities such as walking and biking given its privacy and security.

Tahiti is secluded but has exclusive access to one of the private beaches in Coral Gables FL.

Easy Access To The Pristine Sand Of Tahiti Beach

Besides having access to exclusive amenities, residents of the Tahiti neighborhood also have access to a private yacht club going to gorgeous beaches. They can also enjoy some fantastic recreational and leisure at downtown Tahiti.

Since the neighborhood is surrounded by waterways, you can cruise on a yacht docked in your backyard. As part of the Tahiti neighborhood, you can easily go to Tahiti beach which is located just blocks outside the neighborhood.

Nestled on Biscayne Bay’s dazzling waters, Tahiti Beach offers stunning waterfront houses with opulent detailing on expansive landscapes, lawns filled with thick tropical greenery, and breathtaking views from dawn to dusk. Tahiti Beach certainly stays true to its image as a tropical island with a resort-style experience. One ideal aspect that has contributed to Coral Gables FL’s reputation as America’s best suburban city is Tahiti Beach.

Rent To See And Live The Tahiti Lifestyle

It is an exceptional chance to live in a one-of-a-kind estate in Tahiti, one of Coral Gables FL’s most reputable and heavily guarded neighborhoods. Within the quiet Tahiti neighborhood, there are traditional Mediterranean homes perfectly situated on a lot more than an acre. Featuring a sizable pool and numerous outdoor patios, it’s ideal for entertaining. Along with a spacious backyard, a full bathroom, a balcony, and a spacious garage, you’ll also get access to your very own yacht ramp.

If you are just in Coral Gables FL for a vacation and want to experience this luxurious lifestyle in Tahiti, there are lots of rental homes within the neighborhood. The amenities and features stated above are common in each house in the Tahiti neighborhood.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to call one of the homes in this exclusive neighborhood home. You get access to the nearby private beach, tennis courts, and access to all Tahiti privileges.

The neighborhood is also a short distance from high-end retail stores where residents or visitors can enjoy shopping at luxury retailers such as Merrick Park and Miracle Mile which is located in Tahiti’s nearby neighborhood.

Coral Gables FL, often known as The City Beautiful, is a unique neighborhood where people enjoy shopping. It is known for its Mediterranean-Revival style and lush greenery roads which is obvious in the neighborhood of Tahiti.

Driving Directions From The Estate Plan To Tahiti

Driving Directions From Tahiti To Sunrise Harbour

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Contact the experienced estate planning professionals at The Estate Plan by calling us at
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