Old Cutler Trail

Old Cutler Trail

Exploring The Beauty Of Old Cutler Trail: A Nature Lover's Paradise

The Old Cutler Trail in Coral Gables FL is best suited for families and people who enjoy taking strolls or rides. Most roads are scraped with tree roots, but inline skating is still authorized.

The intersection of Sunset Road, LeJune Road, and Old Cutler Road in Coral Gables is where you’ll find the northern trailhead. In Cutler Bay, near the intersection of SW 87th Avenue and Old Cutler Road, is where the southern trailhead is.

You may access the 2.7-mile Biscayne Trail at its southern tip, which offers a beautiful path that leads to Biscayne Bay.

Cruising Through The Old Cutler Trail

As you travel down Old Cutler Road, try to picture Miami and the wilderness that it was a century ago. There aren’t many houses, traffic or congestion, sidewalks for pedestrians, just tranquility and freedom. Let your thoughts rest and roam while you take in the wealth of trees. To make the trip more thrilling, try to recognize as many native florae as possible.

The scenery is fantastic, despite the route having rough spots where tree roots have grown. Huge mansions and boats cruising the river may be seen from the intersection of Old Cutler Road and LeJune Road.

Biking through dense woodlands, you’ll see luxurious mansions before reaching Hummock Park farther down the road, followed by the magnificent Fairchild gardens. The trail passes through a beautiful neighborhood and more lush gardens. A fantastic cycling path on the Deering estate crosses the China Bridge.

This Old Cutler Train in Coral Gables FL is best to visit when the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees. A steady coastal breeze will keep you cool and vent you when it picks up speed. The air also keeps you pleasant in the summer, although sunscreen is necessary.

Many bikers pass through this neighborhood to and from Key West. The route traverses through kilometers of palm tree nurseries near Black Point. Bike rentals are available from one of the numerous bike shops in Coconut Grove.

Stunning Views At The Old Cutler Trail

Cocoplum Circle

Along this leisurely route, the Cocoplum Circle hugs the Old Cutler Highway, passing grand residences, dense greenery, and old coral rock walls. The trail enters Matheson Hammock Park, a 630-acre natural sanctuary with picnic areas, restrooms, and a drinking fountain.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Created in 1938, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a haven of rare flora and beautiful paths in Coral Gables FL. It is located inside the Old Cutler Trail.

From there, a sign urges travelers by foot or bicycle to cross Old Cutler Road and go to the street’s western side, close to the Maud Black Cottage. Charles Siebold constructed it in 1866 as a barn and later transformed it into a house in 1899. Today, it is a private property nestled in a paradise.

Snapper Creek Lakes

There are 124 residences in this gated neighborhood. Signs point hikers to a little pedestrian walkway over the Snapper Creek Canal close to Pinecrest Gardens entrance.

This part of the Old Cutler Trail has drawn criticism. This came about after petitions from Snapper Creek Lakes residents filled the county commissioners’ desks. The petition begged them to construct a security barrier to keep nocturnal stalkers out of the neighborhood. The commission unanimously passed a resolution favoring the homeowners in 2020.

In response, the city of Pinecrest issued its motion in March 2022. It opposed the construction of gates preventing residents from accessing the trail and Matheson Hammock Park. Since then, a gate hasn’t been constructed.

Deering Estate

The estate is another historical location in the Old Cutler Trail, providing water and land tours and various family or group activities.

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Driving Directions From Older Cutler Trail To Coral Gables City Hall

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