Miracle Theatre

Miracle Theatre

Miracle Theatre: A Historic Icon Of Arts And Culture In Miami, Fl

Actors Playhouse, having a permanent base at the Miracle Theater in Coral Gables FL, offers a year-round schedule of musicals, plays, and children’s events. The Miracle Theatre was built in collaboration with the City of Coral Gables, FL. It features a 100-seat Black Box Theater,  a 300-seat Balcony Theater, and a 600-seat Mainstage auditorium.

The theater’s original contemporary art designs have been saved and restored to their former 1950s splendor.

The Historical Miracle Theater

Coral Gables FL’s Miracle Mile is home to the famous Miracle Theatre, a performing arts venue. The Return of October, an American comedy movie starring Glenn Ford, had its world premiere on December 7, 1948. The Miracle Theater originally had a main floor and an elevated portion in the back with 1,600 seat capacity for movies. The foyer, the marquee, and the lobby are all examples of Streamline Moderne art deco architecture.

The Miracle Theater ran for many years until it changed its name to Miracle Twin Theatre on June 23, 1978. On November 23, 1983, it changed its name to Miracle 4 Theaters. Then on April 12, 1995, the movie theater was acquired by the City of Coral Gables FL, shutting it as a regular movie theater.

The 300-seat balcony theater, accommodating children, smaller shows, and local cultural institutions, was built out of the 1,600-seater theater in 1988. The Black Box Studio, having 100 seats, is also situated on the second floor. The studio’s purpose is to hold rehearsals, school programs, art exhibits, and experimental theater.

The Actor’s Playhouse, a troupe of actors founded in 1988, moved into the Miracle Theater in 1990. The 1947 green-and-white Deco flower motifs have been covered in fiberglass ever since. It was only revealed after this theater in Coral Gables FL had a 6.5 million dollar refurbishment.

They finished the renovation of the 600-seater Mainstage auditorium in 1995. The proscenium, measuring 45ft. wide and 22ft. high, is the Mainstage’s centerpiece.

Performances To Look Forward To At The Miracle Theater

Escape to Margaritaville By G. Garcia And M. O’Malley

The musical comedy Escape to Margaritaville includes original and classical songs. Some of the classical pieces are popular hits of Jimmy Buffett, such as the Volcano, Fins, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, and Cheeseburger in Paradise.

This fascinating, entertaining musical was derived from a book by Greg Garcia, an Emmy Award winner, and Mike O’Malley, an Emmy nominee.  This play is all about people’s decisions and the individuals they’ve become.

Bright Star By Steve Martin

Bright Star, a Broadway musical based on a true story, recounts a sweeping narrative of love and redemption. It played against the vibrant 1920s and 1940s setting of the American South. It features a Tony-nominated soundtrack by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.

The narrative unfolds as a complex tapestry of intense emotion, full of beautiful songs and emotionally stirring characters. Bright Star is a heartwarming theatrical experience that snatches your feelings. It is refreshingly honest and outrageously hopeful.

Proof By David Auburn

The graceful and captivating narrative of romance, intelligence, and familial ties are manifested in David Auburn’s Proof. An engaging and enjoyable theatrical experience is created by the story’s incorporation of mystery and elements of surprise with traditional narrative.

Defending The Cavewoman By Emma Peirson

By dispelling the illusions about how women should act and think, Defending the Cavewoman explores the depths of the female brain and causes a boisterous midlife existential crisis. Defending the Cavewoman is a humorous play written by Emma Peirson. It is a glimpse of the eccentricities, flaws, and peculiarities of both men and women from the viewpoint of contemporary women.

How To Buy A Ticket

Actor’s Playhouse tickets can be bought in advance online or at the Box Office of Miracle Theater in Coral Gables FL. You may not purchase tickets over the phone. VIP Ticket Vouchers must be exchanged at the Box Office for a ticket. There’s no need to stand in line at the Box Office if you have a mobile or printed receipt.

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