Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile: Where Shopping, Dining, And Culture Converge In Miami, Fl

One of the most popular places in Coral Gables FL is the Miracle Mile. Visitors are always provided with the highest level of quality and service when they visit this place. This half-mile strip is lined with famous restaurants serving dishes from different countries.

A Trip To Miracle Mile In Coral Gables FL

One of the city’s top retail districts, Miracle Mile is a well-liked half-mile stretch in Miami’s attractive and upmarket Coral Gables neighborhood. It is a minor portion of the central Coral Way, running from east to west, and is a component of the greater downtown business district.

With a wide range of trendy stores and contemporary art galleries dotting its palm-lined length, the district is a popular destination in Miami for leisurely shopping strolls. The prices are generally high, but there is a wide range of options for different customers.

You can find retail shops, restaurants, cafés, and theaters along Coral Gables FL’s Miracle Mile. Knowing the history of the structures built within this place can also be fascinating, like the famous 1926 Colonnade Building.

Miracle Mile – How It All Began

George K. Zain, the “Father of Miracle Mile,” and his wife, Rebyl Zain, City Commissioner, created and carried out the Miracle Mile plan right after World War II. It is along Coral Way between Le Jeune Road and Douglas Road. The Coral Gables City Commission resolution in 1955 gave the whole stretch the name Miracle Mile.

Coral Gables FL’s Miracle Mile has a collection of quaint shops in the center of the business district. It is just one of those developments that have continued to serve its primary purpose and importance to the US.

Food Tripping In Miracle Mile

You can find various restaurants serving different cuisines in Miracle Mile. After shopping, it’s time to satisfy your palate.

Rincon Argentino

When you enter Rincon Argentino in Coral Gables FL, you will be greeted with an asador, a traditional way of cooking meat in Argentina. Various types of meat are gradually cooked using wood over an open flame, including lamb, hog, and chicken.

They’re undoubtedly providing the freshest meals by preparing every item on their menu right there and then. Not to mention, Rincon Argentino has a fantastic wine selection.


Fratellino is one of Miami’s best-known Italian restaurants. It’s only a tiny restaurant on Miracle Mile, but don’t be deceived by its small façade. The service here is excellent. The servers are all attentive and make great menu suggestions.

Indoor and outdoor seating is available at Fratellino. It caters to all sorts of customers, including small and large groups. Some folks dress up, while others dress casually. Its atmosphere is similar to that of New York City’s Italian restaurants.

Cebada Rooftop

If you’re looking for a lovely drink or meal, the Cebada Rooftop bar on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables FL is a great place to go. It has a beautiful feel, and the bartenders are kind and courteous. They make fantastic food and beverage recommendations.

This stylish restaurant serves plenty of delectable dishes. Their raw oysters, ceviche, fish dip on a crispy chip, Jamón Serrano Croquetas con Queso, and margarita receive a perfect 10. Not only is the setting stunning, but the food is also delicious.

Other Things To Do On Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile is a terrific area for strolling in Miami, a must-do for every traveler to The Magic City. It’s not all about shopping. Relax beneath the palm trees while eating bagels and watch the people passing by.

Consider watching a musical at the Actors’ Playhouse, regularly shown in the historic Miracle Theatre. Make your way to the Coral Gables Art Cinema, showing independent films, and to an adjacent cafe that serves alcoholic beverages.

How To Get There

From Downtown Miami, take the Metrobus or the Metrorail heading to Coral Gables FL and Miracle Mile. The Coral Gables Trolley, a free transportation alternative, makes it simpler to visit the premium district if you prefer to commute.

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