Miami Shores, FL: Learn About This Beautiful Village

Miami Shores, FL: Learn About This Beautiful Village

Miami scene neighborhoods on Biscayne Bay

Miami Shores, FL, is conveniently located near major expressways, beaches, and sports and entertainment venues. Ideal for families looking for a fresh start.

Miami Shores is a peaceful suburban village with a small-town ambiance. The municipality of “The Village Beautiful” was founded in 1932 and is located about north of Miami on beautiful Biscayne Bay.

According to the research, Miami Shores, FL had a population of 11,888 in 2023. Miami Shores, FL, is growing at a rate of 0.91% per year. The population has increased by 2.78% as of the latest census, which recorded a population of 11,567 in 2020.

Furthermore, the residents and tourists may escape the busy living of South Florida at Village-owned amenities like golf and tennis at the Country Club, swimming at the Aquatic Center, and year-round sporting facilities and low-cost extra-curricular programs at the Recreation Center.

All About The Miami Shores, FL

If you seek a convenient, peaceful, and safe place to stay or relocate, Miami Shore, FL, is the place to be. This community is excellent for a family looking for a new start. Public schools in Miami Shores, FL, are average, but there are outstanding private schools for those who can afford them.

The buildings and properties are often well-maintained. Once you walk around the streets, you can admire the gorgeous view of homes constructed in the 1920s and 1930s, some of which have been designated historical monuments. Furthermore, the people and locals are kind yet not intrusive.

Cost Of Living

The living expenses in any location can vary based on various factors. Among these factors are your career, average salary, and the local housing market. If you are considering relocating to Miami Shore, FL, you should be aware that the cost of living in the area is 36% more than the national average.

In addition, according to data, housing expenditures in Miami Shores are 101% higher than the national average, while utility rates are 4% higher. Also, transportation costs, such as bus fares and petrol prices, are 9% higher than the national average.


The concept of a good school can vary based on what individuals are searching for; for example, some may be interested in schools with vital athletic programs, while others may be interested in schools that are better at preparing students for further education.

Unsurprisingly, because of the increasing demand for those areas, areas with highly ranked public schools have considerably higher housing prices. If you have children or want to have children in the future, researching surrounding schools and their ratings is a wise decision.

North Dade Center for Modern Languages Elementary School and iPrep Academy, a public elementary school in the district, is among the top-rated schools in Miami Shore, FL. Furthermore, the Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC) and Mast Academy are some of the district’s A+ public middle schools.


The statistic data of unemployed people in Miami Shores, FL, is 8.2% while the average in the U.S. is 6.0%. Fortunately, the employment market grew by 0.8% last year. In that scenario, potential employment growth over the following ten years is predicted to be 38.0%, which is higher than the 33.5% average for the United States.

Furthermore, the average annual salary in Miami Shores is $37,588. In comparison, the annual salary in the United States is $28,555. A Miami Shores, FL resident’s median household income is $88,977 annually.


Access to neighboring parks, playgrounds, childcare centers, and highly rated preschools is necessary for families with children. The Licking, Arcola Lakes Community Center and Sherbondy Park are among the parks and playgrounds in Miami Shores, FL.

These playgrounds offer excellent leisure opportunities for both children and adults. In the summer, families may have a wonderful picnic underneath the shade or walk along the route for a weekend activity with the kids. And proximity to decent childcare centers is also essential, especially if you are a parent that works full-time.

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