French Country Village

French Country Village

French Country Village: Embracing Old-world Charm And Tranquility In A Serene Setting

The French County Village is one of the seven beautiful villages in Coral Gables FL. The village is filled with houses inspired by French country houses in the 18th century. Some of Florida’s elite live in this stunning neighborhood. Learn more about this wonderful village, and discover more of what the charming city of Coral Gables has to offer.

History Of The French Country Village

Famous French-style architect, Frank Forster, built several rural homes and agricultural structures between 1925 and 1926. Edgar Albright and Philip L. Goodwin built other vintage mansions that were reminiscent of the rustic chateaux of the time. These small estates make up the lovely French Country Village.

The massive homes on this block along Hardee Road, which all have huge yards, were modeled after French chateaux and country farmhouse estates. The homes have four bedrooms, 9.5-foot ceilings, and two maid’s quarters with full bathrooms. Different homes have typical design components such as wrought-iron balconies, carved wood, and bricks that are used in this residential home which makes it uniquely designed.

In the French Country Village, each property is built differently and uniquely, just like every other home has its own style. For the farmhouse-style homes, Frank Forster was the one who built them. Meanwhile, Philip L. Goodwin designed various other versions.

Sunny France In The Heart Of Coral Gables

The French Country Village was influenced by three New York-based architects’ designs from the 18th century. Frank Forster, who died in 1948, was made for farms and homes. The rustic-styled homes were designed by Edgar Albright and Philip Lippincott Goodwin.

They all have large yards and gardens and were constructed in a rural style. Design features include towers, sloping roofs, carved wood and iron balconies, red brick, and high ceilings. The communities were built during the land boom of the 1920s.

The project was worked on together by Merrick, The American Building Company, and Myers Cooper, a former governor of Ohio. The initial plan called for more than 1,000 houses to be built in a series of towns that were influenced by architecture from all over the world. In 1989, the 18th-century-French-inspired village was declared a historic district by the Coral Gables City Council.

As you read this article, you’ll get to know more about the residential properties situated in French Country Village. If you are looking for a lovely and luxurious neighborhood in Coral Gables FL, you won’t regret choosing this one.

Stunning Residential Home In French Country Village

After being extended and lovingly cared for, the Grande Dame of George Merrick’s Coral Gables French Country Village is now available. Built in 1926, this magnificent mansion has charm, beauty, and curb appeal. The residential address of this home is 536 Hardee Rd. Coral Gables FL.

A stunning pool, terrace, and gazebo with a summer kitchen built by Raymond Jungles, as well as an adjacent casita for visitors, are just a few of the features that make this a wonderful opportunity for aspiring residents of this neighborhood. Also included here is a renovated kitchen with a butler’s pantry, three fireplaces, and hardwood flooring.

Modern Family House In French Country Village

This beautiful residential home has a modern facade that will leave you mesmerized. The foyer is filled with life from the moment you walk in. This architect-designed property has plaster-covered walls, doors made of solid wood, and tempered hardware. Situated at 541 Barbarossa Ave, the modern family house has been well taken care of and is full of love.

The ideal family room is accessed via the open living and dining area, which is surrounded by a tranquil garden space. It has a comfortable master suite with a huge bathroom. The first-floor bedroom has an attached bathroom which makes it easily accessible. The kitchen was renovated and remodeled as well.

Every home in the French Country Village in Coral Gables FL is designed to make you feel comfortable and give off the vibes of French-styled country homes from the 18th century. This village features grand homes and estates, making it a beautiful place for aspiring residents.

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