Douglas: Where Historic Charm And Modern Living Converge

It’s not surprising why so many tourists visit Coral Gables FL, again and again. There are so many exciting things to do in this charming city. You won’t get bored here whether you like to see tourist sights or try more thrilling activities.

The Douglas neighborhood, still in Coral Gables FL, boasts of five-star amenities which makes it a suitable place to visit and live. With so much to offer, Douglas is the perfect destination for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There’s a public park, multiple dining options, and other attractions to enjoy. For a picnic, you can head to Phillips Park and take advantage of the covered tents, playgrounds, and open grassy spaces.

Picnic Under The Shade

If you are in the mood for a walk, the Douglas neighborhood in Coral Gables FL has a park that includes almost everything you might desire from a park. Phillips Park also has access to exclusive parking. Covered tents with picnic benches are also available and can be booked if you prefer to eat al fresco style.

A fantastic baseball field and two lovely full basketball courts are also present for those who want to go on a sporty day. Courts have illuminated benches where spectators may relax and watch activities or take a breather. The outfield of a baseball field can be used as a field for other open-space games like football or soccer.

The park has a fun kids’ playground and is exceptionally sanitary. Rubber flooring lines the area’s floor, with several sophisticated amusements like an excellent jungle gym, a merry-go-round, a rock climbing wall, see-saws, and swings.

A walking and jogging route circles the park where you can just go on a stroll. This big neighborhood park, Phillips Park has a playground for children and lots of open grassy spaces suitable for picnics. It is located at 90 Menores Ave, Coral Gables FL 33134, United States.

If you don’t have a picnic basket with you, it’s fine for Douglas neighborhood offers a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Delightful Restaurants You Can’t Miss

For inhabitants of the Douglas neighborhood in Coral Gables FL, there are numerous food options. For a leisurely weekend brunch, choose Cava Restaurant and Caja Caliente. You can also pick up a morning coffee from  cafes and pastry shops like Dora’s Bakery and Bistro, Caffe Italia, and Tinta Y Cafe, which are excellent choices for satisfying your sweet tooth. Locals also adore burgers from Publix Super Market at Douglas Grand where you can sit down and enjoy your meal.

In the Douglas neighborhood, there are a variety of restaurants. If you are craving for something Spanish, head to Cava Restaurant or Caja Caliente. Locals frequently patronize these restaurants for brunch, afternoon tea, supper, and midnight snacks with options for delivery, pickup, and dining in. All dishes are prepared using only fresh ingredients, and both quantity and quality are considered.

Take note that Caja Caliente was awarded for the best tacos in Florida. If you want to pay a visit and try its food, they are located somewhere around Ponce de Leon.

Wherever you are in the neighborhood, every block has a food store that you can visit. But if you are there for a short time, try booking in a historic landmark located at the heart of the Douglas neighborhood, ChateauBleau Hotel, for much easier accessibility to Douglas’ attractions.

Live At The Heart Of Douglas Neighborhood

The ChateauBleau Hotel, a refurbished historic site, is situated in the center of Coral Gables FL. Their reputation was created by offering guests comfort, tranquility, and a homey atmosphere. Miami International Airport (MIA), the major financial districts, the Coral Gables commercial district, along with the leisure facilities from both Miami and Coral Gables FL, are all within minutes from this hotel.

Each room has a king- or queen-sized bed and a sizable private balcony. The award-winning  Mylos restaurant, which is easily accessed in the hotel lobby, offers the best Mediterranean flavors. Every traveler should visit Mylos Bar Restaurant to sample traditional Greek and international food or to unwind with a drink after a long day. The Chateaubleau Hotel was created to provide personalized service in a warm setting for each of the visitors.

If you want to book in this hotel, pets are welcome in the pet-friendly ChateauBleau. You will also have access to a variety of amenities like a private gym, room service, a pool house, and more. Phillip Park and Publix Super Market, both of which are close to the hotel, are other fantastic conveniences and advantages.

Driving Directions From The Estate Plan To Douglas

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Have questions about how to get started on your estate plan or estate needs?

Have questions about how to get started
on your estate plan or estate needs?

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Contact the experienced estate planning professionals at The Estate Plan by calling us at
(305) 677-8489.