Merrick House & Garden

Merrick House & Garden

Merrick House & Garden: Preserving History And Beauty In A Timeless Estate

Coral Gables Merrick House & Garden is an architectural gem located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida. This historic site offers visitors a unique opportunity to step into the past and appreciate the beauty of one of South Florida’s most iconic venues. You can enjoy a peaceful afternoon stroll through the lush gardens or seek a deeper understanding of the history behind this stunning landmark. There are plenty of activities at Coral Gables Merrick House & Garden.

Coral Gables Merrick House: History & Architecture

Merrick House in Coral Gables, FL, is a historical and architectural landmark. It was built by George Merrick in the early 1920s and was one of the first homes constructed as part of his vision for Coral Gables. The house and its gardens were designed as an example of Mediterranean Revival architecture. It is also a reminder of how Merrick wanted to bring attention to the unique beauty of South Florida.

The two-story house features fourteen rooms and 3,000 square feet of living space. On its grounds sits 2.5 acres surrounded by gardens filled with tropical plants worldwide.

Coral Gables Merrick Garden

Coral Gables Merrick Garden is a tranquil and lush garden in the heart of Coral Gables. This stunning garden was designed by the renowned landscape architect Denman Fink to serve as an oasis of natural beauty and tranquility.

Every day, visitors are welcomed into this paradise to explore and appreciate its wide variety of plants, trees, and flowers. The beauty of the garden changes throughout the year, with new blossoms blooming every season.

The Merrick Garden is home to many unique species of plants that can only be found here, such as rare orchids and heliconias. Guests have access to walking paths throughout the park which offer unparalleled views of the grounds.

In addition, plenty of benches are available for visitors who wish to sit back and relax while taking in all that nature has to offer.

Coral Gables Merrick House & Garden Tours

The Merrick House of Coral Gables is a must-see. You should take advantage of this opportunity to explore its rich history and witness firsthand how one visionary family came to realize their dream. The knowledgeable tour guides will enlighten visitors on all aspects of the community.

The Merrick House and Garden Tour offer visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of this exquisite estate and its gardens. The tour guide will provide insight into how George Merrick designed his home with a Mediterranean style that still stands today.

During the tour, visitors can observe tropical plants while learning fascinating facts about their significance in landscaping design.

Restaurants Near Coral Gables Merrick House & Garden

If you’re visiting Coral Gables for the tour, it’s also essential to take some time to explore nearby restaurants. Many excellent options are located within walking distance of Merrick House & Garden.

Whether you’re looking for delicious tapas or an upscale steakhouse experience, you can find it near Merrick House and Garden. Even vegan-friendly spots throughout Coral Gables offer delectable dishes made with fresh ingredients.

Graziano’s Restaurant Coral Gables

Graziano’s has been serving Argentinian cuisine to visitors and locals for decades. The restaurant is just a short drive from the Merrick House and Garden Tour, making it an ideal spot to take a break from sightseeing.

Graziano’s Restaurant offers diners an expansive selection of Argentinian dishes, including Morcilla Con Polenta Y Tomate Fresco, Provoleta Parrillera, and Parrillada De Carne Y Achuras. They also serve pasta, salad, and empanadas.

Doc B’s Restaurant

Make time to visit Doc B’s Restaurant, steps away from Merrick’s house and garden. Doc B’s offers a vibrant atmosphere with delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients and innovative recipes. Dine inside or outside on their spacious patio while soaking in views of the iconic Mediterranean-style architecture surrounding you.

Their menu features classic American entrees like burgers and sandwiches. Be sure to save room for dessert. They offer an array of tempting sweet treats, including salads, cakes, and pies.

Tur Kitchen

For those who want to make a day of it, Tur Kitchen is the perfect spot to follow up the tour with some delicious food. Located just minutes from the Merrick House, this Mediterranean restaurant serves vibrant dishes. It features an open kitchen concept that adds an interactive touch to the dining experience.

Tur Kitchen’s menu items include Chicken Za’atar, Bucatini di Mar, Duck Magret, and more. All ingredients are locally sourced and prepared fresh daily. A full bar is also available, where guests can enjoy cocktails such as Champagne, Sake, Skin Contact Wine, White Wine, and more.

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