Coral Gables City Hall

Coral Gables City Hall

Coral Gables City Hall: Where Governance Meets Architectural Grandeur

Local architects Phineas Paist and Denman Fink built the Mediterranean-inspired Coral Gables City Hall in Coral Gables FL in 1927. This structure is among the city’s best municipal facilities and landmarks.

The building’s intricate ornamentation is made primarily of coral rock. The four seasons are depicted in a mural by Denman Fink, standing out in the tower’s interior.

The Mediterranean-Inspired Coral Gables City Hall

In Coral Gables FL, the Coral Gables City Hall is a historical location. The address is 405 Biltmore Way. They incorporated it into the US National Register of Historic Places on July 24, 1974.

Architecturally speaking, the municipal hall was constructed in the Mediterranean Revival style and was finished in 1928. Denman Fink served as the aesthetic consultant, while Harold Steward and Phineas Paist were the architects. Built of native limestone, it is three floors tall, stuccoed outside, has a tile roof, a Corinthian arcade, and a central 3-stage clock tower.

The Coral Gables City Hall was a key component of George E. Merrick’s idea to build a Spanish-Mediterranean metropolis. The lovely, century-old building that he had imagined became a reality.

The historic city hall is stunning, the streets are vibrant, and the fountains around it have a Spanish motif. It is one of Coral Gables FL’s most notable architectural features, with glorious houses and the spectacular Biltmore Hotel.

The Coral Gables City Hall is conveniently located at LeJeune Road and Coral Way.  The oolitic limestone, known as the Coral Rock, was mined from a nearby city. They then transformed the quarrying site into the spectacular Venetian Pool, another Coral Gables icon with an island, towering palm trees, and a restaurant.

Attractions Near The Coral Gables City Hall

Coral Gables Merrick House

Enjoy a guided tour and travel back in time in the Coral Gables Merrick House, which includes the most popular places listed on the National Register of Historic Places. View original artwork and furniture in the 14-room family house of George Merrick’s that inspired Coral Gables’ city.

Be at this historical place from 1 to 3 PM for the tour. Before heading to this place, take the initiative to double-check the City website for announcements of closures and further information.

Coral Gables Museum

Visitors can choose from several tours at the Coral Gables Museum. Along with self-guided tours you may take on your phone, there are also walking, bike, and kayak tours.

Visitors may see the building’s old courtroom and prison cells. Any fan of architecture will be enthralled by the exterior’s blend of Mediterranean Revival and Depression Modern styles.

This museum in Coral Gables FL has also served as the City Beautiful’s official visitor center. You may explore the Miracle Mile, Coral Gables City Hall, Coral Gables Merrick House, and other neighboring attractions, with the Coral Gables Museum as the starting point.

Lowe Art Museum

The Lowe Art Museum, open from Tuesday to Sunday, is situated at the University of Miami in Coral Gables FL. It is another destination close to Coral Gables City Hall.

This museum has a diverse collection and is well-constructed. It has the most spectacular studio glass collection and artworks covering everything from Renaissance to modern photography.

Miracle Mile After Coral Gables City Hall Visit

The Miracle Mile in Coral Gables FL is renowned for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It is situated on Coral Way along LeJeune and Douglas Roads.

One of the city’s top retail districts, Miracle Mile is a well-liked half-mile stretch in Miami’s attractive and upmarket Coral Gables FL neighborhood. It is part of the Coral Way, running from east to west, and is a significant component of the greater downtown business district.

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